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The UK film craft guilds are independent groups of professionals. They recognise craft excellence and work to maintain the highest professional standards within their departments.
Membership of a guild is not mandatory to work in the UK.
Members of a guild are nominated by existing members or invited to join by the guild's governing body. This ensures only high quality professionals are admitted.
The individual guilds are funded by member subscriptions and by corporate sponsorship. These guilds are not linked in any way to unions operating within the UK film industry.
In order to maintain standards CGGB and the individual guilds have become increasingly involved in training for newcomers and members already working in the industry.
CGGB was active in promoting separate BAFTA awards ceremonies for feature films and television productions - raising the profile of the Craft Awards in both media.

The Association of Motion Picture Sound
Supervising Sound Editors; Sound Designers; Sound Editors; Production Sound Mixers; Re-recording Mixers; Music Editors; Music Mixers; Sound Assistants; Boom Operators; Post Production Supervisors
Enquiries: admin@amps.net Web: http://www.amps.net
British Film Designers
Membership includes Production Designers, Art Directors, Assistant Art Directors, Costume Designers, Storyboard Artists & Illustrators, Scenic Artists, Conceptual Artists, Miniature & SFX Designers, Graphic Designers, Art Department Co-ordinators, Draughtpersons, Construction Managers & Co-ordinators and Set Decorators..
Since 2000, members of the BFDG have received 44 nominations for Excellence in Production Design from the Art Directors Guild, and have won 7 awards.
British Society of Cinematographers
The British Society of Cinematographers is an educational, social and professional organisation. Formed in 1949, its prime objective has been to promote and encourage the highest standards in the art and craft of cinematography.
Our membership includes some of the most talented Directors of Photography and Camera Operators in the United Kingdom as well as many distinguished friends and patrons from the film and television industry.
Guild of British Camera Technicians
Directors of Photography, 2nd Unit Director/Cameramen, Camera & Steadicam operators, 1st & 2nd Assistant Camera, Key Grips, Grips, Gaffers, Script supervisors, HD Specialist, 3D Specialists, Video Assist Operators, HD & Digital Technicians, Specialists in Underwater, Aerial, Wildlife, Rostrum & Motion Control Stills Cameramen, Crane and Remote Head Operators
Guild of British Film & Television Editors
Formed in 1968 our members include:
Film Editors; Television Editors; Supervising Film Editors; Sound Editors; Assembly Editors; Visual Effects Specialists; Assistant Editors; Student/Intern Editors; Post-Production Supervisors
Guild of Location Managers
The Guild of Location Managers is an organisation for professional location managers and membership of the Guild may be taken as evidence of a level of experience and a responsible, long-term approach to location management.
Full members have been working within the location department in the UK with a minimum of three years credits as a Full Location Manager. Associate members have been working in the UK for less than three years as location manager, assistant location manager, unit manager or location scout.
Guild of Stunt & Action Co-ordinators
The GSAC Directory lists Stunt Co-ordinators and Second Unit Directors, including members of the Stuntman's Hall of Fame and Winners of Awards including BAFTAs, Academy Awards, Emmys, World Stunt Association for Best Stunt or Best Stunt Co-ordination.
National Association of Screen Make-up Artists & Hairdressers
H.D. Make-up Designers H.D.Make-up Head of Department. H.D. Hair Designer H.D. Hairdressing Head of Department. Make-up Artists. Hairdressers. Make-up Assistant. Hairdressing Assistant. Make-up Special FX Designers and Creators. Wig Makers. Specialized Make-up Suppliers.

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